Throughout the history of modern surveying and map making, physically gathering survey data on a project site in order to generate accurate mapping and earth quantity calculations has been the one constant.  In older times, contouring, earth quantity calculations, and other tasks related the vertical aspects of a tract of land, were performed manually.  These tasks were tedious, error prone, and in many ways relied on the combination of survey experience and art in order to create an accurate and visually appealing, three-dimensional representation of a particular tract of land.

Today, using computers and specialized software, surface modeling has replaced the art of the hand drawn map such that contouring and volume calculations rely heavily on the skill of the modeler and their ability to use a limited data set to represent the project’s surface.  Once the surface model has been developed, a skilled technician can generate contours which rival the artistic nature of a hand drawn map.  Moreover, using the same surface model, volumetric calculations can be performed to aid in engineering design.

A key part of the surveying services performed by SURVTEX’s professional staff is in the area of surface modeling.  This requires highly specialized experience, techniques, and methods that use computer-aided-design (CAD) software, along with other specialized software to create Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN).  SURVTEX then utilizes the resulting TIN to develop mapping and quantity calculations to meet our client’s specifications.

Hiring Our Surface Modeling Services

Here at SURVTEX, we specialize in providing surface modeling for all types of properties and project sites.  Whether your project is a private commercial development, a public roadway design, construction earth moving project, residential land development project, or a review of a piece of acreage, call SURVTEX!  Our surface modeling services will provide data you need for your next project!

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