Easements allow a person or an entity to legally access or use a piece of land even when that person or entity does not legally own it.  For instance, a neighbor whose property does not adjoin a road will almost certainly have or need a roadway easement across an adjoining property.  Similarly, utility companies typically have easements on or across private properties in order to access underground and overhead utility lines, for inspection and maintenance as required.

Why You Need an Easement Survey

Creating easements and determining the location of existing easements affecting a piece of property is an integral part of processes involving the purchase, development, and subdivision of land.  During the purchase process, an astute buyer will require a survey to ensure that easements and other encumbrances affecting a property are known prior to purchase.  Most of the time easement surveys are performed in conjunction with purchases where a Land Title survey is required, and when lenders are involved.  In these cases, you can rest assured that lenders will require a Land Title survey to protect their investment.  Knowing the location and purpose of easements on a property you are considering as a home site or other investment is a good idea, even when lenders are not involved.

If entities have easements on your property, the easement survey will enable you to know where and how the easements are located with respect to the properties’ boundaries.  The easement survey will also give you an indication as limitations or restrictions you may face due to the type or nature of the easements.  In some cases, easements will be “blanket” in nature, meaning they can potentially affect an entire tract.

Here at SURVTEX, we produce detailed easement surveys for clients by researching land records, working closely with Title Companies, and combining this information with the physical aspects of the property.  If your plans or project requires the mapping of easements that may exist on your property, or a property you are considering for purchase, call SURVTEX!  Our team will be able to help you through the process of locating or defining your easements!

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