Boundary surveys serve many purposes and are one of the most crucial types of surveys a professional land surveyor can perform.  In Texas, land surveyors are licensed by the State of Texas to specifically perform one type one survey…Boundary Surveys.  Yes, the State does regulate other aspects of a licensee, but Boundary Surveys are so crucial to property ownership and all of the functions related thereto, the State of Texas has prioritized Boundary related land surveying activity within our great State over all other types of land surveying, and has regulated this activity for almost one-hundred years.

Boundary surveying is so essential that evidence of survey activity reaches back to the dawn of modern civilization. In fact, many refer to surveying as “the second oldest profession”, and I’m guessing you can figure out the first oldest.  In older times, land conveyances were often performed by way of rituals. One of the more commonly known rituals is known as “Livery of Seisin”, wherein parties to a conveyance would meet on, and often walk the land being conveyed with the neighboring land owners. Afterwards the seller declared in a loud audible voice that the land was being conveyed from one to another, and therefore bind the parties to the conveyance.  Today, written contracts are the normal method of conveyance, but very little has changed with regard to the boundary determination and the importance of land surveying to society as a whole.

Hiring Professional Surveyors for Boundary Surveys

Regardless of the reason you need a boundary survey, our licensed and experienced staff can guide you through the process of determining the exact boundaries of your property or a property you may be interested in acquiring.  Give SURVTEX a call and we’ll be happy to spend the time necessary to get your boundary survey on the right track!

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