Land Title Surveys are typically performed to ensure that buyers and sellers of land understand all of the encumbrances (easements, encroachments, etc.) that affect a piece of property.  Quite often, lending institutions and astute land owners will require a land title survey prior to closing activities, so as to ensure that they fully understand their investment and to mitigate the possibility of future surprises. Working closely with buyers, sellers, title companies, and lending institutions is crucial to ensure that land transactions stay on schedule and allow for contractual obligations to be met in a timely way.

Land Title Surveys typically deal with horizontal aspects of commercial and residential property surveys and include detailed information as to property lines, building setback lines, easements, and improvements located on and affecting property.

Hiring Professional Surveyors for Land Title Surveys

Land Title Surveys are the basis of many informed decisions related to land transactions. This is why it is critically important to get it right by hiring a professional surveyor with the experience and attention to detail to do the job right.  Here at SURVTEX, our land surveying team has extensive experience conducting land title surveys on all types of commercial and residential property.  When looking for a land surveyor for your transaction, keep in mind that while cost is always a factor, cheaper is not better, and will not result in the quality you need…today, tomorrow, and down the road.  Whether you need a title survey meeting American Land Title Association (ALTA) specifications for your commercial transaction, or you simply need a title survey for closing the sale of a residential property, SURVTEX can conduct a professional Land Title Survey meeting your needs.

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