As-Built Surveys Before and During Construction

As-built surveys offer a look at a property or site in its current state. Such surveys may be necessary to determine the location of buildings, parking areas, utilities, and other features that exist on a property, especially in connections with the planning of new construction, or post-construction verification.

When related to pre-construction project planning, these types of surveys will provide designers the information they need to plan for demolition, and / or additional construction on a particular site.  When related to post-construction site activity, these surveys will help to ensure that all work is completed as per the plans.  In many cases, lenders will require these types of surveys at certain intervals during a construction project to monitor progress, ensure compliance, and approve interim construction loan payouts.

Why Choose Our As-Built Survey Services?

We offer professional as-built surveys that will meet the requirements of any land development or site survey project.  We will tailor fit our as-built survey services to fit the exact needs of your project.  So whether you need basic site details, or in-depth site details such as sewer and storm drain flowlines and pipe sizes, call SURVTEX!  We will help you and your project start or stay on track!

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