Tree Surveys are used to map and specify the location of different trees on a property.  These surveys are conducted for a variety of reasons, but are generally performed in conjunction with new residential construction and land development projects.  In these cases, most governing agencies require tree surveys as a part of their permitting processes, in order to indicate the location and size of certain tree species with respect to proposed improvements.  In other cases, land owners require tree surveying services when there are health or safety concerns.  SURVTEX uses a variety of methods to perform tree surveys, many of which depend on certain conditions, such as: time of year, density of undergrowth, and limitations based on species selection.  Based on client need, SURVTEX can physically tag trees, while recording the location, size, species (if known) and other details of the trees on a specific property.  These tree tags can then be used as references to tie the tree survey to each tree on the site.  Our field crews and office staff go to great lengths to correctly identify tree species, but in some cases SURVTEX works with a client’s certified arborist in order to more fully identify tree species and complete the survey.

Why Choose Our Tree Survey Services?

Our surveyors are thoroughly trained in the location and cataloguing of trees.  If you have trees on your property and need tree surveying services, call SURVTEX!  We will map your trees, and provide all of the relevant details to you or your design team.

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