Our Core Values

Our commitment to ETHICS and dedication to EXCELLENCE is the foundation of our strong suit... our ability to deliver!

We remain TRUE to the core FUNDAMENTALS OF LAND SURVEYING while utilizing the latest technologies in surveying software, hardware and techniques.

With our top priority being EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE we provide a professional work environment that is ENCOURAGING, CHALLENGING, REWARDING, CREATIVE, and always RESPECTFUL of individuals and their ideas.

Our American Values

SURVTEX is a proud AMERICAN enterprise embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. We feel it is the duty of each and every citizen to uphold our way of life in whatever ways we can, whether through:

  • Exercising our Individual Freedoms
  • Waving "Old Glory" at every opportunity
  • Supporting the efforts of our Military
  • Volunteerism
  • Individual accountability
  • Or in any other manner available

As a company, we support:

  • Various Charitable and Civic Organizations
  • Professional and Service Organizations
  • Community Endeavors through Sponsorship
John McCown

John W. McCown, President

RPLS #5135

John McCown's experience in land surveying reaches back over 30 years to his youth in the Dallas area where he surveyed with his father, William (Pete) McCown, also a Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

Using the skills he had acquired in land surveying, John financed his B.S. degree from East Texas State University, graduating in 1987. Continuing on in land surveying, construction field engineering, and civil engineering, John received his license to practice surveying in Texas in 1995.

Today, with over 30 years of surveying experience, John has successfully delivered projects to a growing list of prestigious and high-profile clients. His word is his bond and his ability to DELIVER is his calling card.

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